Buying Used Cards in Singapore – The Right Way!

used cars

You may purchase used cars in Singapore at any time, but there is guarantee that these cars will of the best quality. Purchasing used cars requires you to follow the suggestions in this article. Each tip explains how to get the best value for your money in this lovely city-state.

brand reputation

Look for a brand with good reputation and quality.

1: The Brand

The brand of a used car is important to you in many ways. You must not purchase used cars that were not marketed and sold in Asia. Cars outside these parameters were imported to Singapore, and you may spend a good bit of money keeping the car up to local automotive standards.

You must purchase from a brand that is reliable. There are many car brands that are known to be reliable, and you know which brands are not reliable...

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Business Degrees That Are in Demand in 2015

Business study

One of the most valuable degrees you can choose is a business degree. Business degrees can lead to employment in a number of different industries and businesses. A business degree makes you eligible for positions in education, medicine, government and the private sector. More than this, because business degrees are applicable in so many different situations, new positions are opening up all the time. Universities are constantly adding new types of business degrees in order to satisfy the ever growing demands of both students and potential employers. Below are some of the business degrees that are most in demand at this time.

The Ubiquitous MBA

Still among the most popular of all business degrees, a Masters of Business Administration provides you with greater potential for higher-paying j...

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5 Spring beauty tips for girls on a budget


Every girl wants to have that perfect glow for the Spring season, but not every girl can afford Kim Kardashian’s stylist. The good news is, you can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank with these tips:

1. Use a highlighter.

Dab just a bit of a highlighting pencil or cream on the inside corners of your eyes for a wide-awake look. No one will ever ask if you’re tired again. If you can’t find a highlighter, cream-coloured shimmer eye shadow will work almost as well. Pair this with a bit of mascara and a bright lip, and you’re good to go… with only three products!


Dramatic dark brow with a brow tattoo product can make you look fabulous.

2. Don’t forget your eyebrows. 

One thing you’ll notice if you look at all the top celebrities is their eyebrows are all on point...

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Top Factors You Need To Consider When Pricing a Second Hand Car


Something that can be difficult is determining what to charge for your used car in Singapore. Some things such as the appearance and overall condition will always affect the price. The reality is that many other things are present that could potentially increase or decrease the true value of the vehicle. You need to consider several factors when trying to figure out a price for your second-hand car.


Check the odometer for pricing the vehicle you are selling.

Start With the Odometer

You want to start by looking at the odometer in your vehicle. The distance that the car has been driven is always going to affect the price people are willing to pay. You do not really have to worry too much if the odometer is under 25,000 kilometres. Reduce the price a little at 50,000 kilometres...

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How to Stop Ingrown Hair


Most people have experienced ingrown hairs at various point throughout their lives. These occur when a hair becomes trapped inside of the follicle, but continues growing and curling in on itself. Sensing it as an infection, the body triggers an immune response that directs white blood cells to the area and causes inflammation, redness and often itching. This can occur from shaving, waxing and plucking.

Many people struggle consistently with these unsightly, pimple-like bumps, never suspecting that their hair removal routine may be entirely to blame. A lot of common hair removal methods are actually more likely to promote ingrown hairs than prevent them. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use that really do work.

Cleanliness is Critical

Before you shave, wax or pluck hair on any a...

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5 Hairstyles to Elongate Your Face


Forget plastic surgery and Botox—if your face is a little on the round side, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get that long, slender profile. Simply try out a few of the best hairstyles to make your face look thinner.

1. Long Bob

Emma Stone's Long Bob

Emma Stone’s Long Bob

When Vidal Sassoon invented the bob, he probably wasn’t trying to elongate any faces, but that’s exactly what he did. The long bob is probably one of the best hairstyles to make the face look thinner, so anyone with a round or heart-shaped face should try one out. If you’re feeling a little shy about lopping off all your locks, you can try on a wig to get an idea of what your face will look like with a bob. Or, you can ask your hairstylist to pin up your hair and give you a faux bob...

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