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7 Ways to Make Cycling a More Comfortable Experience

Cycling is a sport that countless numbers enjoy regardless of age. In addition to providing the chance to enjoy the outdoors, the activity also serves as a low-impact form of getting vital cardiovascular exercise. The vast models of bikes ensure the perfect fit for everyone. The popularity of cycling now means more options to engage in the activity whether living in the city or more rural environments. Whether an amateur or having on-the-road experience, there are many ways to improve comfort, performance and safety while riding.

Protect your head from injury!


Statistics indicate that more than 6,000 cyclists require emergency medical care every year secondary to suffering a head injury. Head trauma is blamed for causing 75 percent of cycling fatalities...

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Cycling as a Weight Loss Exercise: 4 Tips For Best Results!

Cycling is an ideal exercise for burning weight. The amount of calories burned per hour of cycling is equivalent to the amount of calories burned per hour of jogging. The advantage of cycling over jogging is that the former does not cause joint stress. Depending on various factors, including your age, weight and effort level, you can burn between 300 and 600 calories per hour through cycling. Just another reason to put on your cycling shoes – get one here! and head outdoors for a cycle. To lose weight through cycling and other daily activities, make sure you burn a larger number of calories than you eat.

Ride Often

Regardless of what sort of cycling you do, consistency is important to ensure weight loss achievement. In addition, pick a style of cycling that you like...

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5 Safety Tips for Beginner Cyclists

Cycling is a great activity because it offers you a multitude of benefits. It is a fun way to get some exercise if you are constantly stuck behind a desk all day at your job. It is certainly a more entertaining way to stay in shape than running endlessly on a treadmill. You can get out in the fresh air and stay healthy at the same time. What could be better than that? However, there are some things you should know before you start cycling on a regular basis. Simply knowing how to ride a bike is not enough to begin cycling safely and effectively. So if you were thinking of just hopping on your bike and starting to ride, think again. Take a look at the following tips. They will help you to get the most out of your cycling experience.

1. Always wear a helmet

Yes, we know that wearing a helmet...

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Underwater Breathing Tips for Beginners

diving breathing skill

Diving opens up the aquatic world, allowing people with some basic diving skills access to some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Before heading to the ocean, most expert divers recommend some basic classes to learn how to properly breathe underwater. Good breathing techniques are very important in diving. Learning a few tips and some technical terms can make the experience one to remember for a lifetime. Working with a professional diver before going on the first trip underwater is a simple solution that can bring many benefits to the new diver.

The first step toward diving may be to dive with professionals who can provide firsthand tips and advice toward staying underwater longer. It is important to learn proper breathing techniques because divers have a limited supply of air...

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