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Electrochlorination: A Big Word With Big Environmental Benefits

Water Clorine

In 1910, Philadelphia, the birthplace of American independence, became the site of another milestone. The city was the first municipality to treat wastewater with chlorine. Even the effects of the treatment began rapidly spread to other locations. This innovation proved a boon to disease-fighting efforts. Thanks to the use of this chemical, maladies such as cholera, typhoid, and diphtheria were all but eradicated by 1950.

However, as with so many beneficial practices and discoveries, there is a downside. Chlorine in household cleaning products causes eye irritation, as anyone who swims in a heavily chlorinated pool knows. Exposure can also have an adverse effect on the upper respiratory tract and lungs...

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Siemens Water Treatment Systems

Siemens helps millions of people and businesses to get the clean water they need each day. Siemens Water Technologies system services people worldwide. Siemens will meet the public and private sectors need for the purest of water possible. Applications include treatments for municipalities as well as for wastewater treatment for industries. Pools and aquatic uses need water that is disinfected and of high purity for public use. Medical and scientific uses need pure water. Many residents, businesses, cities and towns all receive clean water for drinking from Siemens technology systems.

Siemens has developed water filtration solutions to disinfect water to save operating costs, extend the lifetime of a plant and to meet all requirements needed for federal and local regulations...

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