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Tips To Make Your Online Startup Competitive In the Market Today

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Beginning a new online startup in Malaysia is very challenging. You need your business to stand out and be competitive in a market that is likely already dominated by a few big name companies. There are ways to do this. Here are some tips for making your online startup competitive in the market today.

Know Your Target Market

target marketThe first step you must take is to know your target market when beginning as an online entrepreneur in Malaysia. You need to perform extensive market research. You should know the market segments that most want your products or services. Do not make the mistake of attempting to market to everyone at once. You want to focus on your prime target market segments when beginning...

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E-Commerce: How To Create A Facebook Shop

Creating a shop on Facebook is a great way to allow your fans to browse your products, share them with their friends, and make purchases right on the site. It allows you to promote your retail to a larger audience without having to pay hefty advertising expenses. Through a Facebook shop, sellers can drive new sales, reward fans, and offer deals. Without further ado, here is how you can set up a shop and start benefiting.

1. Install a third party Facebook Store app onto your Facebook page. 

The first step is to install this app so that it will be visibly housed right on your tab bar, under the cover photo on your page. One of the best apps to use is, which will help start your store and manage your sales at a low monthly cost...

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Singapore Company Incorporation: Documents You Will Need

People that wish to open up a company in Singapore will have questions about what they need to do. When they are searching for the answers, the company incorporation in Singapore, is the place to go for information that will allow them to open for business in a short period of time.

Company incorporation in Singapore, can consist of several different types of business structures. These structures are the Company, a Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Partnership and a Limited Liability Partnership. In Singapore the most common business structure for both locals and foreigners is the private limited Company. Each of these business models are used for various reasons...

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Set Up a Singapore Company: Ltd Company

Singapore is one of the most business-friendly countries in the world . The government has made it extremely easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners to register their companies and hire talented employees (learn more about Form a Singapore Company: 4 Reasons Why ).

While there are a variety of different types of businesses that one can set up in the country, a limited company is often the preferred choice. Limited companies offer a wide range of benefits that other types of corporations cannot:

Lending and Raising Capital: It is generally easier for limited companies to raise capital for expansion or other purposes. The company can sell shares to new shareholders or current owners of the company. Banks also prefer limited companies when they loan money to businesses.

A limited...

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Become an online entrepreneur

There are so many people that enjoy shopping online. A person can buy just about everything they need on the internet. In fact online shops (in Chinese term 购物网) are becoming so popular many people would rather set up an online store then have a store front. Becoming an online entrepreneur can become a profit experience.

When looking to become an online entrepreneur there are some things to consider before going into business. A person has to think about what products are popular and what people are looking for when shopping online. The products must be hot seller but no just new trends. If so the business will not last long. To find out what people are buying a simple internet search can be done to find out statistics on what some on the internet’s hottest selling products are...

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